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Custom bikes are as popular as ever. There is so much you can do with them. Much less material is used on the small area which means you can make you money go that bit further.

Pearls, flake & candy's look great, & on bike it won't break the bank.

Click any of the images on the right to enlarge them for a better look.

If there is anything you like & maybe want something added to your own vehicle, why not contact me to see what I can do.

Custom car paint need not be expensive either. We chose a colour straight from the Nissan paint chart for the Smart car, at around £35 per litre of base coat. I only painted the green part as the panel are easily removed.

Custom painting does not have to be a complete repaint, sometimes a subtle addition can really work well.

There are thousands of colours available now, many from the big car makers. You would be amazed what is out there just waiting for you to find.

If you desire the ultimate, then the House of Kolor range or some of the Alsa products are great.



If you would something a bit different to stand out of the croud, why not come & have a chat to see what I can do for you. I recently did a Smart car in a pearl green. Some better picture will be added soon, as in direct sunlight the paint really comes alive.


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